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Moldova:2 worlds in one – and both want to leave

May 5, 2010

I am writing today from my hotel room which is conveniently close to a foreboding russian embassy which means i wont get lost. Today i spoke in one school to two classes in two worlds, one class totally russian speaking, dressed in russian,physically different and the other, just 50 feet away was romanian with the same degree and cultural distinctive. The evidence of bygone eras of soviet and romanian rule.
We talked about the highs and lows of western culture and the UK and also that wherever there is need and people wanting to follow a dream, there are those whose personal success is derived from your suffering. So few of them knew about human trafficking and here of all places, the worst place for trafficking in Europe… Moldova.
I know the numbers, i know that 120,000 each year have been migrating, mostly illegally, and if illegally, generally at the hands of traffickers for sex or labour. I know too that 30,000 women and children have gone missing here in the last decade, but when i asked each class today who of them planned to migrate, i was still shocked to see all of them raise a hand without hesitation.
I realise even more now the importance of getting the ESCAPE prevention magazine into each and every hand and witnessed first hand girls recieving them for the first time, with pages about the dangers of travel and how to spot traffickers as well as how to survive and recover from domestic violence, so prevalent here. I felt a small, but significant sigh of relief that they had been armed with information.
People who live in deprivation should still be allowed and encouraged to dream without fear of exploitation and a stolen life.

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